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    According to the market insight news, the rigid boxes market value increases and becomes more competitive. The market value of rigid boxes packaging is USD 211 BN in 2022 and for further estimation, expert market traders predict that in 2032 the market value of these boxes will reach USD 325.8 BN and a CAGR for this period (2023-2032) at 4.4%.

    These boxes offer durability and protection to the product and ensure integrity during transit and storage. We provide a lot of customization options to our clients that help them while they make the boxes. We use recycled and pollution-free materials that have properties of eco-friendliness and sustainability. 

    As a leading supplier, these boxes are coming into the market in a variety of shapes and sizes. From simple tuck-end boxes to magnetic luxury boxes, we offer all styles and designs that help to improve your product presentation and user experience. 

    A short overview of how Rigid Boxes are Made?  

    Most of the time the production process is done by machines or by hand which totally depends on which manufacturer you choose to make the boxes. By the way, CBM uses advanced machinery that quickly makes your boxes and here we will tell you how we operate while making the retail boxes wholesale

    1. Cutting and Scored

    First of all, we cut the material into perfect shape with the help of a Dieline cutting machine. Cardboard is the most preferable material all the time. After cutting into the required shape, the sides of the boxes are scored. Cutting the extra sides that are outside the boxes. 

    2. Fold the Sides 

    To give the complete shape of the boxes, fold the score side of the boxes. Tap is applied for the security of the box sides that help them to stay in a machining process. 

    3. Apply Glue to the outside of the Box

    Before printing, the wrap is prepared and then trimmed to perfectly fit according to the desired shape. Glue is placed on the side of the boxes where the sides join together. 

    4. Wrap with Stylish Fabric

    Finally, at the last step, wrap all sides of the boxes and use a finishing process like stamping, glossy or matt lamination and embossing, or debossing for a unique and attractive look. After this, your box is ready to use.  

    Embracing To Styles For Rigid Boxes 

    Mainly two main parts of the rigid boxes one is the top and the other is the bottom(Lid and base). A lot of variation in the shape and name of these boxes. The lid is the main factor in categorising and describing these boxes.  On the base of Lid Two main types: 

    Telescopic Lid Rigid Boxes 

    Telescopic lid boxes have the lid on the base of the boxes. If the Lid covers the full base then it is called a Full telescope lid and if it partially covers the base then it is called a partial telescope lid. 

    Full telescope lid: These boxes have the thumb cut on the bottom side to open them. For example, chocolates and candy boxes are categorised in this option because they use the whole base of the boxes to protect the product. 

    Partial telescope lid: This will cover the partial base of the boxes. It is widely used for luxury items to protect them during storage and transit. 

    Shapes consider in telescopic lid boxes:

    • Classic Shoebox
    • Tray with Sleeve boxes 
    • Slipcase boxes 
    • Shell and Slide boxes 
    • Shoulder neck box 

    Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes 

    In this type of box, lids are permanently attached to the top side of the boxes. They are closed by the automatic gravitational forces. If you are investing a little more in rigid packaging for a luxury touch then use magnetic rigid boxes or ribbon closure boxes. These boxes are a great choice for frequently storing products. Popular Styles that are considered in hinged boxes. 

    • Flip Top or Cigar Box
    • Book Style
    • Clamshell Style
    • Magnetic closure style 

    Mass Customization Options: Rigid Boxes 

    Customization allows you to select the material, printing, coating, and more according to your preferences. This will help you to create the best packaging solution according to your needs. Choosing sustainable and eco-friendly options helps to promote your brand identity as well as improve the customer experience. 

    Material selection

    For collapsible rigid boxes, cardboard, and kraft are the leading players in this material selection. Both are eco-friendly and sustainable materials and are easily recycled. Most of the manufacturers use chipboards from the range of 800-2000gsm which varies from box to box size. Two main materials used include: 

    White Kraft paper:  This paper is made from Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) that is specifically designed for high-quality printing surfaces. 

    Brown Kraft paper:  Kraft is a natural brown colour and is bleached-free. It is preferable for white and black printing surfaces.  

    Printing Techniques  

    For vibrant and high-quality colours, we use soya-base ink that produces high-quality printing surfaces. This will make your custom printed rigid boxes more brighter and attractive. Our printing options include

    • Digital printing 
    • Offset printing
    • CMYK printing 
    • Pantone Printing 
    • Screen Printing 

    Coating  Selection 

    The reason for added coating on your packaging is to avoid your luxury packaging from scratches and scuffs. A variety of options are available:

    • Soft touch coating
    • Lamination 
    • Gloss UV
    • Matte aqueous 
    • Varnish


    For top-notch packaging, you can add final flourishes that help to make your boxes more unique and eye-catching. This will directly reflect your brand identity and give a luxury look to your custom rigid boxes Canada. This will add a little more cost to your packaging budget. Our options Include: 

    • Gloss Lamination
    • Matt Lamination
    • Hot Foil
    • Hot Foil Embossing
    • Spot UV
    • Ribbon Closure
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Magnetic Closing
    • Inserts
    • Shoulder Section

    Rigid Boxes Use As A Gift Packaging & Help Promote Brand Identity 

    For luxury and highly expensive products, we use rigid boxes to provide full protection during transit and storage. It is also used for small gift boxes like wrapping luxury watches and jewellery for loved ones. Packaging directly reflects the image of your brand and this packaging creates a difference in why you are the best from others. 

    Your packaging works as a branding element. You can print your business logo, custom messages, and product information to help engage the customers and create a memorable experience. Innovative and luxury packaging solutions always grab the customer’s attention towards the product. 

    Choose Our Services 

    At CustomBoxesmarket.ca, we provide the full customization option that meets your needs. We provide quality and sustainability in our bulk rigid boxes. We offer very low prices as compared to the market due to our highly advanced machinery. We use eco-friendly materials that help to promote your brand identity. We provide timely delivery all over Canada. 

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