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After receiving your order we cross-check all your specifications, manufacture the product, run a quality control, and ship it free of cost to your destination.

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From Concept to Consumer - CBM's Visionary Approach to Packaging

Packaging is the backbone of all industries and they have to give it the importance it deserves. CBM has a broader view of providing its packaging solutions to all businesses to let them match the current market trends. We are providing the most sustainable packaging solutions all over Canada.

We could be your partner in packaging excellence to let your businesses be called brands and that’s what we are expert with. A product without packaging is just like a person without emotions. As Steve Jobs said:

“Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story”

Packaging talks a lot about your brand and we take every single client as a mission to give recognition to his business. We are damn sure that you will have a different experience with our experts. Our product packaging in Canada can be a loophole to your dream success. You can’t imagine how the right use of packaging can lift your businesses to another level and make them recognized all over Canada.

Why Custom Boxes Market Canada?

That’s the most common question in your mind. We can understand that it’s fair to resolve all of your queries. Let’s make it simple to understand why you need to choose CBM and how we are different from the rest of the packaging experts.  

  • Unmatched Expertise

Expertise comes with experience and our experts have more than a decade of packaging experience, they are expert enough to give you any of the best custom boxes with a logo and the rest of the factors. Your first experience with our experts will let you know that it’s not just a wordplay. 

Using the right thing at the right place along with customers’ opinions will let them have whatever they are looking for.  

  • Canadian-Centric Solutions

Another good news for all Canadian businesses is, that all of our packaging services are Canada-based so you can have any of your desired packaging within days. As we said it’s Canada which means we are very familiar with all of the Canadian businesses and know the audience’s interest that which kind of custom printed boxes Canada they preferred the most. 

We are also open to having all of your suggestions and any of the changes that you want in your product packaging canada.   

  • High-End Materials

We have all of the following materials in all of the varieties so you can choose any of them according to your choice. You need to choose the manufacturing material according to your product’s nature. You can have any of the following materials for manufacturing your custom branded boxes.  

  • Cardstock
  • Kraft Paper
  • Corrugated Board
  • Rigid 
  • Bux board 
  • Chipboard 

Always go for the best quality material if you want elegant printing along with sustainability in your packaging. 

  • Tailored B2B Solutions

We are B2B centered and only provide unique packaging solutions to all of the companies to make their quality products look more worth presenting. You can have custom boxes for products to make them look more professional. And another interesting factor is your packaging boxes printing to make them look more persoanlised. 

Our scalable packaging solutions are for all of the small and large enterprises based in Canada. Your boxes reflect your brand’s image so they have to be manufactured to be capable enough to justify your business standards.     

  • Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

CBM isn’t just a company, we provide end-to-end packaging solutions along with all of the required consultation to the concerned businesses. From concept to delivery we got your back covered. You can get any custom box design according to your suitability. 

We know it’s a bit hard to find something perfect to get your products packaged which can ultimately boost your sales ratio. CBM is an all-in-one platform where you can find any of the best quality materials along with modern printing techniques and free soft and hard samples. You can also have custom box printing in Canada at wholesale prices to get a safe backend.    

  • Sustainable Packaging Options

Presenting products to customers shows how much value you give to your customers. So what do you think? Can you prove that with any of the local quality packaging, never. Don’t worry CBM always has your back and provides the most sustainable custom printed retail boxes to get your fragile and the rest of the products packed safely. And after having printed custom boxes it will be much easier for you to target your audience. 

In the current period, all of the customers are looking for eco-friendly packaging and that’s what we can make it happen for you. We will let you provide custom product packaging boxes to all of your clients. All of the retailers must be familiar with all of the new market trends. You can have any of the modern custom packaging canada in any of your desired shapes.

  • Finishes

To give some extra charm along with more safety to your custom boxes we have all of these everlasting finishes to make them look more sustainable and protective. Custom box packaging always gives options to add perfection to it according to your choice. Have a look at all of the following finishes so you can choose any of them according to your custom printed paper boxes.      

  • Matte lamination
  • Glossy lamination
  • Soft-touch lamination
  • Spot UV finish
  • Varnish coating

Every single finishing has its impact and look. First, you need to make sure which one will be suitable for your product. As being custom product packaging manufacturers we always try our level best to get something meaningful for your customers. That’s all on you to choose any of them to give them a good look and attraction to your customers. And always go for custom designed packaging so you can add or reduce anything according to your preferences. 

  • Affordable Prices    

We know budget is an important factor for all businesses so they need to manage it according to their concerns. But we prefer to provide custom printed product packaging with easy-to-afford prices. 

Our concern is to provide our packaging services to all small and large enterprises. So no worries about budgeting anymore, order now to get the best for you.        

  • Cutting-Edge Technology 

Technology is getting bigger over time and all of us must adopt all of these modern ways to perform our work more efficiently. 

Technology makes the work error-free; that’s why CBM has adopted all of the modern ways to get your work done more cleanly and efficiently. CBM gives you the right to print on boxes any of the required things to make it perfect.  

  • Printing

As we have mentioned before your printing quality depends on your material quality. Yes, only the good quality material will let you have customize boxes where you can get anything printed to make them look perfect. You can’t have vibrant colors on your packaging with any of the normal quality materials. You will be offering all types of packaging materials so you can choose any of them suitable for home decor. You can have custom box printing to make them look more meaningful to your customers. 

  • CMYK 

We have CMYK printing preferable accordingly for your packaging. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) are used to make the color palette for CMYK. This will look perfect on custom size boxes and will play a key role in marketing.  

Now the word key could be a bit confusing for you, it refers to black which is used at the end to give a final touch to your printing. We use the blend of all of these colors to do all of the concerned printing for your custom printed product packaging. 

  • PMS 

We also use the Pantone Matching System to give a pleasant coloring to your customized packaging boxes. But these colors are referred to as codes and are intermixed before printing to get the concerned color. These color codings will let you get the best to make your box packaging printing more vibrant for your customers. 

Both of these printing techniques are used for your product boxes packaging to ensure the best results for you to make a difference.  

  • Customization 

What if everything is in your hands and you can get the best out of it? Interesting right? Yes, now all of you can be active participants in the whole manufacturing process and can choose and remove things accordingly. 

But it doesn’t mean our experts will not be there, all of them are ready to serve and they will have your back to make sure everything will done professionally fine to beat the market. The combo of your experience with ours will be a boom to dig out the best for you. You can customize any of the following aspects to get the best of us.   

  • Size 
  • Shape
  • Color 
  • Printing
  • Design
  • Material 

You can use different types of material like custom cardboard packaging according to your suitability and best outcomes. Cardboard is globally well known because it’s easy to afford, vibrant and light in weight. 

Industries We Serve

We serve almost all industries and provide them with the most suitable packaging solutions to let them sell like crazy. That’s the mission we have, we want to help all of the Canadian businesses to grow and boost their revenue with our printed packaging boxes. 

A few of the following industries are at the top of the list which majorly use our packaging.   

  • Retail

The retail market is at the top of the list in using our appreciable packaging solutions. Because every seller wants to make their shelves look more engaging and pleasant than before. Along with impressive looks we have designed all of our boxes professionally to make them strong and sustainable against their concerned products. Let’s suppose you need custom printed packaging boxes and it will be done accordingly by our experts.  

As customers have you ever noticed that we get attracted towards the shops which contain organized and beautifully placed products and that’s what can happen only by fascinating packaging which could be convincing enough to impress the customers to buy. Security with beauty is a perfect combo for packaging to meet your business standards.      

  • Food and Beverage

As we have mentioned earlier CBM is all in one platform, doesn’t mean from which industry you are we will not let you down. The majority of the food and beverage brands are familiar with our services. And we are offering all of you to have a try because we are damn sure you will see a major difference in your sales ratio and that’s the central concern of all businesses. 

Our beautifully crafted food and beverage boxes are built with fine quality material and can keep your products fresh.        

  • Custom Solutions for Any Industry

We are open to welcoming diverse sectors to help them get recognition by providing our stunning packaging for their products. So hit us today without any hesitation doesn’t matter what your industry is, just get in contact with our experts for further details. The most amazing offer which we give is you can design your own packaging according to your product needs. 

Why Wait ? Choose CBM Today!

All of the manufacturers have different ways of doing their work and the same is the case with us. We are also different from the rest of them. We are 24/7 available to serve our retail packaging boxes all over Canada. 

  • Fast turnaround 
  • Delivery 6 to 8 working days
  • Free designing services 
  • Free soft-form sample.
  • Professional staff
  • Trackable record

Order now and let’s give life to your thoughts. Sell like crazy with CBM.

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