Discover CBM’s Food Boxes To Deliver Freshness

Now package your food confidently and style using our most sustainable food boxes. Different foods are packed in different packaging accordingly.

All of the foods demand a different environment according to their nature and only a professional manufacturer can make it happen for your food brand. The fast food boxes will be prepared differently as compared to frozen food boxes.

The food industry is at the top so you need to develop something unique to get recognition because of the tough competition. And only the experts can get this done for you because they are much more familiar with the market trends. That’s why hold your back and just relax, we got your back covered. Let’s show you how we can make it possible for you as we did for the rest of the hundreds of businesses.

The CBM Difference

  • Quality Assurance:

CustomBoxesMarket always prefers quality over quantity, we have specific people to make sure the quality of your packaging is perfect to go or meets your standards or not. We have analysed the market so we are familiar with all of the trends which makes it easy to understand which kinds of Chinese food boxes or any required boxes will be perfect for you.

  • Variety and Customization:

Nothing is fixed here over here, you can customise the things accordingly to get something that matches your business vibes.

Let’s suppose you need takeaway food boxes for your customers, so now you need to make sure certain things, the size of your packaging along with the flaps to cover the food and its manufacturing with good quality material. Now you can have any kind of material, size, shape, and printing to get fully customised packaging to portray your business theme.

  • Size: It’s obvious that not all businesses are providing the same size of food, all of them have different working styles and need different sizes of boxes for their product packaging. No worries at all, we can provide any of the desired sizes to all of you.
  • Styles: It’s super easy to choose any of the required styles for your products. All you need to do is visit our site’s box by style section where you can find the packaging solutions according to your perspicacity.

Or if you don’t like any of them no worries just discuss your mindset and the rest of the ideas with our graphic designers who can design any of the required best design samples for you without charging anything.

  • Material: We prefer to go for premium quality material for your product to achieve a level of sustainability. The following are the most commonly used materials for manufacturing custom food boxes.


  • Cardboard
  • Paper board
  • Corrugated

You should understand the importance of the material and how important it is to choose the right material which will put the rest of the process on the right track to get perfection in everything.

  • Convenience at its Best:

Simplicity with style always wins the hearts. We make sure that your food packaging boxes are easy to use and more convenient but we can add something new to make it more interesting. We can add some insertions into it to keep some sources or any other stuff for your customers.

Benefits of CBM Food Boxes

Advance Printing Options:

Printing is one of the crucial elements of the entire manufacturing process. You can simply do the competitive analyses if you want otherwise no worries our team is here to provide the most competitive food boxes with a versatile nature. You can have both of the following techniques to get your desired colour.

  • CMYK Model
  • PMS Model

Coating: Coatings are widely used for making your products look more safe along with giving them a very aesthetic look. By using these coating techniques we always try our best to give a different look to your custom printed food boxes or any of your required boxes like glossy, soft touch, mat, and the rest.

  • Spot gloss UV coating
  • Soft touch coating
  • UV coating
  • Aqueous coating

Competitive Pricing: Budget is one of the most fundamental aspects for all of the businesses that’s why all of them are very conscious of all of their budget issues but no more worries because CBM is offering budget-friendly food boxes wholesale to give the best to all of the businesses so they can get the professionally designed packaging within affordability.

Why Choose CBM?

It’s very common to think that why do you need to choose us for your product packaging. Another good thing is now you can have your brand logo on your packaging which makes the custom food boxes wholesale with the logo to make them more useful as a powerful marketing tool.

Have you seen the brand packaging anywhere the printed logo along with your business standard will let you get the audience’s attention?

  • Nationwide Delivery: CBM is responsible for delivering all of its packaging services to all over Canada which makes all of the Canadian businesses easier to go by having food boxes wholesale in bulk so you can have your backup even on busy days.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your customer satisfaction is our top priority, the majority of customers need easy and convenient handling of product packaging but you also need to interpret the required instructions and information to let your customers know what you are providing in your products. We will suggest all of you
  • Free Home Delivery: Yes, it’s interesting for all of you that you can have any of our desired food boxes at your doorstep without any delivery charges.

Customer Support and Assurance

Our customer support team is available 24/7. All you need to do is get a quote now and our team will come in contact with you.

Keep in mind that you need to have a detailed discussion with our team so they can get a better idea of what exactly you are looking for in your food boxes or bakery boxes. Order now and get your dream food packaging at your doorstep without any hidden charges.

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    Ordering Process

    Get your required style for custom boxes in just 4 simple steps.

    1: Style Selection

    Visit our website and select the category, style, printing process, and all your desired customization options for custom boxes. 

    2: Get a Free Quote

    Share all your ideas and product specifications with our experts by filling out the form, live chat, or email at (put your official email here).

    3: Approval

    After payment verification, we provide free samples of your selected design in soft and hard form for your satisfaction and better experience.

    4: Free Shipping

    Your desired order will be transferred to production and within 6 to 8 working days it will be at your doorstep without any delivery charges.

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