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    Benefits of Using CBM’s Custom Paper Cups 

    Businesses are finding it difficult to market their business, especially coffee businesses, but no more worries we are here to serve with our most professionally customized paper cups. We have helped so many businesses in Canada to get success and recognition and that’s what all of the businesses are looking for.

    Have a look at how our paper cups can change the game.

    • Branding opportunities:


      We strongly believe that all of you need to customize your product packing to use for branding. Our experts can get this done in a very efficient way. So now you can use your paper cups wholesale as a strong marketing tool to strengthen your brand which will ultimately lead you toward getting high sales.

    • Eco-friendly option:

      We always prefer to use nature-friendly packaging because many of the customers will surely be looking for the packaging of this material and by providing what they are looking for, we can easily boost up your sales ratio. This isn’t the only positive aspect that you can have, many more to come, you just need to share all of your requirements with our experts so we can meet your needs.

    • Increased visibility:

      Your brand visibility will surely be going to increase after having your brand’s logo and slogans printed on your coffee paper cups. And wherever these cups of your brand will go the people will automatically come in contact with you. It’s very easy to know the importance of your packaging visibility

    • Fast and reliable shipping:

      We care about your business standards and always make sure the safe shipping is on time but if you have any urgent and need your packaging to be delivered fast you can discuss it accordingly so our experts will let you know the time and rest of the factors accordingly.

    Types of custom paper cups 

    Here aren’t any kind of limitations we have, you can have any of your required styles, shapes, and types at CBM all over Canada. You can also have all of the following shapes of your ice cream cups for different purposes and that could be coffee, ice cream, or any of your other products which you are providing to your customers.

    • Single-wall cups
    • Double-wall cups
    • Ripple cups
    • Insulated cups

    The best way to choose these cups is to analyze your product what you are looking for and what you need to get your product packed along with making it look more pleasant.

    The nature of your cups depends on the mission behind their use and for what you are going to use them so we can use the material accordingly and make them suitable to use.

    Color Models

    Our experts always ask about your preferences for coloring so they can choose any of these techniques to get the coloring done for you. We mostly prefer both of these coloring model to get your job done.

    • CMYK Model
    • PMS Model

    Customization options 

    All you know very well is that your business has different coloring themes along with business models, so they need to add their brand’s logo colors and the rest of the product information accordingly to make these cups look exactly relevant to your brand.

    • Logo printing:

      will simply place your brand’s logo on any of the parts of your cups to make them look more enticing and personalized to your brand.
    • Color options:

      Here aren’t any specified color options, we are open to helping you get what you are looking for. So you can come up with any of your failure colors to get this done if need any assistance our experts are 24/7 available to serve. Even simple coloring variations also can create a massive difference.

    • Size options:

      No size limitations, you can show up with your requirements and get this done. For that, you need to do some initial measurements of your products so you may get to know which kind of size you are looking for.

    Custom Messaging

    All of the custom packaging has a message to share with customers, the same is the case with french fry cups or any of the other types of cups.

    We simply print your cups with some beautiful colors along with your brand’s slogans and the rest of the things if required or in your demand to make the message clearer and easy to understand.

    The message means the brand will show how valuable they are and how much value they are giving to their customers. That’s the most interesting and impactful way of advertising. No worries, it is done more efficiently than your expectations.

    Industries Served 

    Any industry can avail of our services and we are always welcoming to0 everyone to come and get something more clean and valuable and also guide businesses on how they can use their packaging to strengthen and have high sales.

    • Restaurants and cafes
    • Event planning companies
    • Office Supplies
    • Food and beverage industry

    These aren’t the only industries that we target as we have mentioned earlier we are open to working with any of the businesses that require any custom packaging in the certain materials that we are offering.

    Ordering process 

    It’s super easy to order our custom paper cups, you just need to select the desired design in the boxes by style section or ask our designers to get the work done for you along with the changes if you need them in the existing designs. Have a look at our way of serving our customers!

    • Free Designs
    • Fast Turnaround
    • Delivery within 6 to 8 days
    • 24/7 support services

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