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    Varieties in CBM’s Hang Tags 

    As all of you are already familiar we are accepting all of your ideas and thoughts to make the process more interesting, which means we don’t have any limitations and can provide any of the required custom hang tags according to your purposes. 

    All of the following could also be an option to choose for you if you like any of them. Let’s explore them.  

    Cardstock Hang Tags 

    These are the sturdier hanging tags that you can have according to your requirements. You need to analyze first what you are looking for and what you need exactly and then share all of your requirements with our experts so we can get this done more efficiently for you.  


    • Design and layout:

      As we said you need to share your thoughts with our experts so we can get this done for you in more better way. All of the designs and layouts will be done according to your choice and business needs.  

    • Ideal uses:

      We just need to make it happen for you according to the given instructions and the use, because all of the swing tags are used for different purposes.


    Customized Hang Tags

    Customization is the most interesting thing for all of you because you can mold the things of your choice specifically for your businesses and that’s why all of our experts will ask you to share the required information like your brand’s logo, slogans, and the offers which you are offering along with the rest of the information.    


    • Design options:

      Designing has no limits, we can go beyond the limits for you. You can visit our custom boxes by style section to choose any of your favorite styles and then the rest of designing will be done by our experts according to your choice.   

    • Benefits of customization:

      All of the brands have their own requirements and they decide to get things done according to their choices. 


    That’s why our experts will always ask you to share all of the basic information like the information behind, the brand’s logo, sizes, and the mission behind it so we can connect with that same vibe that you are looking for. Apart from this, you can choose any of your favorite colors, shapes, styles, and the rest of the elements and can ask our experts to get this done for you. 

    • Specialty:

      To make them special we have certain things to get this done. Have a look!    


    • Die-cut
    • Foil-stamped
    • Embossed
    • Debossed 

    If you are still getting confused in choosing any of these factors or at any of the steps, you need to come in contact with our experts and seek any of the assistance you are looking for.  

    Marketing and Branding Benefits Our Printed Hang Tags 

    Business marketing is the most crucial part of any business to get on the right track. We know all of these factors and that’s how we do things in the best possible way. 

    Let’s take a view of the few benefits that you can have by having any of these tags:  

    • Enhances brand visibility and recognition 
    • Provides a professional and polished look to products 
    • Conveys important information to customers 
    • Can serve as a promotional tool with discounts and offers

    You can any of the benefits you are expecting by using these hang tags with string or any of the preferred designs. You aren’t bound to anything, just be open and creative with us if you really want to get the best from us.  

    Printing Options 

    That’s the main part of the game, we need to perform this in a very professional way to get the message clear for your audience because many businesses hire unprofessional to get this done which confuses your audience to understand what’s the reason behind it.   

    • Paper quality and finish 
    • Size and shape options
    • CMYK and PMS Printing
    • Foil stamping 
    • Embossing and debossing

    But to get very clean and super finished in this process you need to get the best quality material because that’s the major and the only thing to get this done accordingly. Choose any of the above-mentioned or any of the other printing ways to get your dream.   

    All of the following are a few of the industries where you can make it useful but again we want to make it clear to all of you that this isn’t the end. We don’t have any boundaries to innovation, you can have any of the expected results of the purposes behind it.   

    • Clothing and apparel
    • Retail products 
    • Specialty items 
    • handmade goods, gifts

    Tips for Effective Hang Tag Marketing 

    First, we need to know which industry you are dealing with if its’ retail hang tags then the competitor analysis will be different so we will plan and decide things accordingly. 

    If you are dealing with any of the other businesses then you need to share the details accordingly. The most important tip for all of you is, after getting in contact with us here will be a complete process that is super simple to perform but important as a backbone too. The material selection, printing for hang tags printing, coloring themes, and the rest of the things. All of the steps will be done according to your choices so make sure to go with the best and get the perfect at the end. 

    Order now and see how we change the game for you!    

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